Research in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the UofA

L3T makes up a diverse group of faculty from the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, whose interests and research projects focus on a variety of areas related to linguistics, applied linguistics & technology.

Fieldwork with Native American Languages

Brad Montgomery-Anderson, PhD, specializes in Native American languages, language revitalization, and nineteenth-century French history and literature. He recently visiting the University of Arkansas for a special lecture on his research and fieldwork.

Bringing Research in Applied Linguistics to Life on Campus

We want to generate interest in linguistics, applied linguistics, and technology. We organize events for students and faculty, and bring in experts from around the globe to share their knowledge with our campus community. 

Upcoming Events

Research Presentation: VR in the Italian Classroom

From Rome to Fayetteville: Virtual Reality in the Italian ClassroomDr. Ryan Calabretta-Sajder | Assistant Professor of ItalianThrough a task-based learning exercise, students will explore Prati's historic market, search for vocabulary items, and then...

Graduate Student Presents Research to Group

At our next meeting on Thursday, April 11th in KIMP 416 from 11AM - noon, a graduate student of Spanish, Pablo Scoponi, will be presenting his research to the group. The public is welcome and refreshments will be provided. See below for a synopsis of the...